We recognize selling scrap metal can be confusing! In order to better serve you, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our customers. If your questions are not addressed below, please contact us!

How are scrap metal prices determined?

Scrap metal prices are a determined by the commodities market, quality of metal and grading of the metal.

What documents do I need to sell scrap metal?

In order to sell scrap metal, individuals must bring a government issued photo ID. Businesses must bring their tax ID and business license.

Is there a minimum amount of material required in order for you to buy my scrap?

No – we accept any quantity of ferrous or non-ferrous metal material. No load of metal is too big or too small!

What should I expect when I arrive at United Metals?

Friendly service, fast turnaround and cash in your pocket. Depending on the quantity of metals you bring to United Metals, we may ask you to drive on to our certified large truck scale to capture both your heavy and light weights. Otherwise we will weigh your items on a smaller certified scale near our office.

Why are current metal prices not listed on the website?

Current metal prices, like many commodities, vary based on economic conditions and demand for certain alloys. We at United Metals must take these and other local factors into consideration to determine a price for a specific metal or alloy. We will do our best to quote you a fair, competitive price over the phone, but the final price can only be determined by physical inspection of the metal items by a United Metals employee.

What do you do with the scrap metals you purchase?

Scrap metals are refined into raw material for use in new products.

What can I do to get paid the highest scrap metal price?

In order to get paid the highest scrap metal price for the types of metal you plan to recycle, please take the time to separate your metals by type and/or quality and make sure they are free of contaminates.

How many referrals I can I make with the referral program?

Each customer is allowed 5 referral cards per visit. Keep bringing us your scrap and referrals to make even more money!

Do you recycle refrigerators and freezers?

We recycle refrigerators and freezers that have all fluids evacuated and are free of contaminates.

What does ferrous metal mean?

Ferrous metal is any metal which contains iron. All ferrous metals are magnetic.

What does non-ferrous metal mean?

Non-ferrous metal is any metal that does not contain iron in appreciable amounts. Characteristic properties of non-ferrous metals are low weight, higher conductivity, non-magnetic and resistant to corrosion.

Why should I recycle metals?

Scrap metal is essential in the fabrication of new alloys and parts. This is why United Metals will give you the maximum cash in hand for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.