Estate Sales in Snohomish County

In any given month, there could be a dozen or more estate sales in Snohomish County! Can you imagine all of the work that goes into planning and hosting just one of these estate sales? We have talked to many of the estate sale professionals in the area and understand the moving parts to prepare, host and clean-up for a sale. So you might wonder – what does United Metals care about estate sales in Snohomish County?

estate sales in snohomish countyMost estate sales have a variety of household items, some useful, antique and collectible, as well as other items that might be in the way, heavy, broken or useless to most buyers. Many of the items are old. And many of the items contain metal. So the question is, which is better – go through the effort to sort, price, stage and sell items one by one, or sell all of the metal items in one lot to United Metals for a fixed price in advance? Especially when there are large, heavy, broken or generally un-interesting items to most buyers – United Metals can haul away and recycle the metal items before the public sale, making the space less cluttered and more appealing for the public. It also guarantees a certain amount of money up front, which can take some pressure off of the estate sale company.

metal fenceWe recognize that selling the lot of metal in advance of the estate sale is contrary to the typical estate sale process. There can some mystery and fun in evaluating and pricing each item – not to mention negotiating prices with buyers. However, if the family and/or estate sale professional is looking to simplify the process and have some cash up front by selling the lot to United Metals, we share this as an option.

United Metals buys all types and quantities of metal – we can also provide various sizes of roll off containers to help gather the metal items and haul them away. Interested in visiting our scrap metal facility or having our metals buyer visit an upcoming estate?  Call us at 360-668-7355 or send us a message!