Aluminum Can Prices

aluminum can pricesAluminum can prices fluctuate based on the world commodities market. At the time we published this post, we are paying 35¢ per pound for aluminum cans (for 100+ pounds). Throughout the last five years, the price paid per pound has reached $1+, but hung around the 75¢ range for most of that period. So as you can see, prices are currently down for aluminum cans, as well as most other metals.

Generally speaking, people don’t seem to be paying as much attention these days to collecting and recycling their aluminum cans for cash – likely due to the convenience of “the blue bin.” Residential waste collectors encourage homeowners to fill their blue bin with recyclables – this is a mixed bin for cardboard, glass, plastics, wood and various metals. This is excellent – it is simple for the homeowner and helps reduce the amount of materials going to landfills. However, an important detail to consider, is that recycling aluminum cans can still be a profitable endeavor for a homeowner willing to save up their cans and bring them to a scrap metal recycling facility. There are no requirements to put aluminum cans in their blue bin. The only consequence of not, is the waste collectors will have less value in the recyclables they extract during their sorting process.

As a frame of reference, it takes about 34 cans to make up one pound of aluminum. Another way to make recycling aluminum cans more cost effective in these times of lower metals prices, is simply waiting longer to make the trip to the recycling center (assuming you have space to store a bin of cans), so that when you go, you have more cans to make your trip more worthwhile.

Someone is going to receive the value from the aluminum cans — why not you? Call us at 360-668-7355 to check the current aluminum can prices or stop by our yard at 19001 Yew Way in Snohomish to recycle your cans!

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