Additional Services

Container Rental – Commercial, Industrial and Retail

Do you have a commercial, industrial or retail site that needs regular container rental service? How about a construction site that generates a significant volume of scrap metal? United Metals offers container rental service tailored to fit your needs. Our recycling containers are sized to meet the needs of your job, and with a 12 ton maximum, we can be sure to haul off the most scrap metal with every service. Is 12 tons still not enough? Or maybe you have some large irregular sized objects. We have even more solutions to get your job done, like End-Dumps, Flat Beds and Inter-mobiles.

Containers are serviced by our sister company, United Recycling & Container, at no additional cost to you.

On Site Removal of Large Items

Does your old farm, estate or industrial site need scrap metal removal? We offer specialized services to assist in removing the unusual or odd sized items. Let us help you maximize your profit!

United Metals will only load material for transportation at your site.

Non-Profit & Fundraising

We at United Metals are always looking for ways help our local communities. Through partnership with our sister company, United Recycling & Container, we are willing to help schools and other organizations by providing recycling containers for cardboard and metals fundraisers. The value of the recyclable materials would then be monetary assistance for the organization. Depending on the amount of event promotion by your organization and engagement of your community, we estimate that you could raise in excess of $1000! There are options for one day, as well as on-going fundraisers. We have helped several organizations with successful fundraising events – contact us to discuss your ideas and see how we can best support your organization!

We Buy Gift Cards

Looking to turn unused gift cards into cash? We can help! Click here to learn more.

We Buy Gift Cards